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These authentic, tried and tested recipes from the Spice Mountain Kitchen are an adventure through the world of spice!

Check back every month for three brand new recipes using items from the Spice Moutain product range.

Tonka Bean Sponge Cake

This cake highlights the wonderful flavour of the tonka bean, out Spice of the Month, and is given a little punch by the addition of rum. It is a basic sponge, so will be easy to make for pretty much anyone, and is wonderful served alongside a nice cup of tea on a summer afternoon in the garden.

Lahore Lamb Chops

This recipe is from Pakistan, and involves marinating lamb chops in a fiery blend of spices before grilling or, ideally, barbecuing the chops juicy perfection. It works best with the small, thinly cut lamb cutlets which are widely available in Asian butchers, as these cook though quickly allowing a high temperature to be used for cooking. They are great served as a starter with a mint raitha for a dipping sauce, and are the best bit of a barbecue for those who like a blast of spice!

Chicken Katsu Curry

Any fan of Japanese food will be aware that a Katsu Curry is a heavenly experience! What sets it apart are a couple of things - First, the chicken is breadcrumbed and fried, second the sauce is made separately and then used to smother the crispy chicken in a blanket of smooth, silky luxury. The sauce is not hot by any means, more warm and aromatic with distinctive fruity notes. It has a marked sweetness, especially once the honey is added. The texture of the sauce makes for a wonderful contrast with the crunch of the chicken. This recipe is perfect as a midweek supper, and due to the mild, fruity flavour of the sauce kids will love it. To sum up - a combination of fried chicken and yummy curry sauce? Yes please!

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