Wild Cubeb Pepper, Vietnam

A new product to Spice Mountain is this wonderful wild cubeb pepper, sourced from Vietnam. The majority of cubeb pepper is grown in Indonesia, and its flavour is best described as a cross between black pepper and allspice. This cubeb however is packed with citrus aromas, notably kaffir lime and lemon grass, and the flavour matches the aroma. It really is amazing how strong the lime and lemon character of this spice is, just opening the tub releases a wonderful fragrance which will make your mouth water! We have been using this as a table condiment we like it so much! In cooking wild cubeb works well in any Vietnamese or Thai dish – it can be used as a substitute for the hard-to-find fresh green peppercorns used in Asian cooking, and it also works beautifully when added to a Cambodian lok lak marinade and to Thai curries and soups to give it an even stronger citrus nature. Also the citrus character of wild cubeb makes it a natural partner to fish and seafood.

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