Vanilla Pods, Papua New Guinea

The flavour of vanilla is easily synthesised, but nothing artificial compares to the sweet, sticky luxury of the real thing! These vanilla pods are perfect for bringing that touch of luxury to your kitchen.
With their full flavour and aroma, they can either be used whole, or split to release the aromatic seeds which can then be scraped directly into your dish. When doing this, keep the pod as it can still be used. Whole pods can be reused a couple of times, so long as they are washed and dried after each use.
Vanilla is a great flavour on its own, but it also enhances many others, such as coffee, caramel and butterscotch, giving them that special touch, and this variety is also perfect for cakes.
Also you can simply bury a pod in caster sugar to make vanilla sugar, or steep in vodka to make your own vanilla extract, which will keep forever.

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