Vanilla Pod, Tahitian

These plump, juicy Tahitian vanilla pods are of a different type to Madagascan – longer, fatter and oilier, they really do take vanilla to the next level.
Simply opening the container releases aromas that will make your mouth water, and they are packed full of pure flavour. They can be used in all the same ways as Madagascan, but as they have a stronger flavour and aroma, less is needed. We prefer to save this amazing vanilla for special treats, and it is wonderful when the seeds are scraped into a freshly-made Summer ice cream, or into a pannacotta, and especially in a crème brulee.
Tahitian pods are also perfect for bringing a touch of luxury to strawberry jam, or a warm strawberry sauce for pancakes, and of course they are unbeatable in custard. And for a true touch of naughty but nice, add a small amount to that night-time mug of hot chocolate. A genuine delight! A highly ‘sought after’ ingredient by some of the world’s top pastry chefs!

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